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1.8K members online now
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why none of my ads are working?

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# 1
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I paid to google words for it and it says that none of my ads are working


Re: why none of my ads are working?

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Hi Alex R,


Welcome to the community.


  • Go to Ads tab.In the status column hover the mouse over the speech bubble.You will get the Reasons why your ads are not showing.Try to fix the issue or if you face any problem then share the reason with us.We will help you to fix it.


  • Go to Keywords Tab & diagnose your keyword list.It also show you the reason.



Make sure that :

  • Your account havn't received any suspension notification.
  • You have enough balance in your account.


Hope it Helps.


Best of Luck.




Re: why none of my ads are working?

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You need to check few things:

1.If you have create new ads than it has been approved by google or not.

2.You should have sufficient balance in your account to run ads.




Re: why none of my ads are working?

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# 4
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you should provide more information and we will help you easily.


Here are some reason you can recieve:

1. Got problem with verify payment information.

2. Got problem with ad text or keyword.

3. Maybe got problem with landing page.


You can check your email or move mouse over bubble to get reason and share it here.