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why am I getting hundreds of impressions outside my 50 miles radius

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I have an adwords campaign setup to serve only 50 miles around my city, and I am getting hundreds of impressions from almost every state in the US. My ads are being shown Hundreds of times in markets where it's not suppose to be shown. If I understand this correctly, Google should not be feeding my ads to any part of the US with my PCP ads to anywhere outside my 50 mile radius. Why is this happening?


I have gotten a few clicks from those markets outside my 50 mile radius clicks but it has been few - less than ten. The google rep said that if someone from that area had a need for our product and service in my area, they probably searched for it within my area. My answer to him was: We are not in a destination city, like NYC or San Francisco. Hundreds and hundreds of people are not seaking my product in my area. You have to live in my area to get my product and have us install it in your home. That's why we have the 50 mile Radius setup for the PCP campaign.


I think this also scew the the frequency of posting of my ad within my 50 miles radius because statistically it is being shown Hundreds of times outside my Radius. Is the frequency of my ads being shown inside my 50 mile radius being affected by the fact that Google is showing my PCP ads hundreds of time outside my 50 mile radius?


Does anyone know why this is happening and can anyone provide any answers to all this - explain any of this?


How do I geet this practice fixed or stopped by Google. My Google Sales rep had no answer....


First time adwords PCP user.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: why am I getting hundreds of impressions outside my 50 miles radiu

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Hi there,


There is a setting where you can select either:


[Target] People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location

[Target] People in my target location


It sounds like you've currnetly got your settings set as the former.


If you only want clicks from people in your target location then chose the latter option.


Simply click on a campaign, go to settings and there will be a setting that says "Location options (advanced) click that and select "People in my target location".


Hope this helps.




Re: why am I getting hundreds of impressions outside my 50 miles radiu

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Thanks for the quick response and the suggestion.


I did go into Location Options (Advanced) > Target - People in my Target Area > Edit > then I selected one of the 3 choices = People in my targeted location.


I'll see how this shakes out over the next month.


Thanks, I appreciate the response - have a good one....



Re: why am I getting hundreds of impressions outside my 50 miles radiu

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Yep that's the one!


If you need any other help or advice, just ask.


Have a good weekend!