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to change the domain name for existing account

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Hi Team,

      Please explain how to change the existing adwords account domain name without creating new account.



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to change the domain name for existing account

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Hello @Kalirajan,


If you create a replicated campaigns in new domain, it will have zero data at every level. i.e. keywords, ad copy and ad group level. Since it is a fresh campaigns, so It would take sometimes to give better result.

However if you change the Domain URL in old campaigns, your all ads will be automatically deleted and the new ads will be created. So the ads level you have zero data but you can see previous data in the deleted ads. Also the keywords will shows your complete data.

Thus changing the domain url in old campaigns is best practices, as somehow you have some old data in your campaigns. i.e keyword level or Ad Group level.


But make sure:-
1.) if you change the domain URL in new campaigns, then change all keywords level domain url, and keep display url and destination url in the same domain. if you will not do this, your ads will be disapproved.
2.) Also change the site link extension URL domain, as i have seen these types of mistake in many accounts, as advertisers change the ad copy level url and forget to remove the sitelink extension url and as a result, ads get disapproved.


Syed Sayem Mustafa


to change the domain name for existing account

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Hello @Kalirajan,

To change domain name in your adwords account, Please follow the below steps.

1) Select the Ads To be replaced with new domain name.

2) Copy those ads from the Adgroup and pause those immediately.

3) Now paste those ads and change domain name.


Thank you,

Manikandan G.




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Re: to change the domain name for existing account

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Hi Kalirajan,


Please note that you can advertise multiple domains from a single AdWords account via separate campaigns.

If you are looking to change the final urls(landing page) of ads within a specific adgroup/campaign. Then go to the ads tab of that adgroup/campaign or if you wish to change the final urls of all the ads in multiple campaigns then simply go to ads tab at account level > select all ads or specific ads > edit tab > change ads > keep all the fields as these are, change final url and the display url(must match with the final url domain).


Here is the screenshot for your reference.


cahnge ads.jpg



Also, I suggest you to check the box corresponding to Duplicate selected ads and set text in duplicates to make a copy of all the ad instead of overwriting the original ads.

This way your ads history will be retained.


You can also use AdWords Editor to make bulk changes to the ads.


  • As pointed out by Syed Sayem, don't forget to update the urls of sitelink extensions also.
  • Do not forget to pause the ads with old final url, even I would suggest you to label them as "old url" or something like that to avoid confusion in future.


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