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serious question about remargeting

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my interviewer ask me this question so guy please help me ...


Question 1) suppose 5 user visit my site using ppc but only 2 of them (1,2) is converted and (3,4,5) is not converted .

what type of list is created in remarketing  to target only  rest of people.(3,4,5).


Question 2) is there any way to show my ads to user only 10 times for example 

if we setup the remarketing then can we limit the ads only for 10 times for one user or not more than that like we don't want to spam the ads. if yes then how we can do .


Thanks in advance and waiting for reply


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Re: serious question about remargeting

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Hi Sachin

1) go to and set up your remarketing list to capture visitors who have not converted
2) i dont think you can limit the remarketing by the amount of time they have went on but you can limit it by the duration you want the advert to keep popping up in front of them. See as well for information on this.

Kind regards

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Re: serious question about remargeting

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Hi Sachin,

1) There is a very cool way to do that! Smiley Happy

- create a list for people that convert succesfully - remarketing tag should be visible only on the "success page"
- create a list for all the visitors of the website - remarketing tag should be visible on all pages of the website.

-> then create a "Custom Combination" list from the Shared Library Adwords section which includes the second list you created and excludes the first list.

2) Yes, there is a specific setting for that (it works for display network campaigns only)

Go to Campaign Settings -> All Settings ->

Frequency capping - Impression cap per user per day for each ad: 10

This helps you control the maximum number of times each person can see your ad.

Re: serious question about remargeting

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@zoicaremus thanks a lot sir
i must say thanks and lots of thanks
but first question is not clear so could you please tell me in detail with some example

Re: serious question about remargeting

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Sure, what parts are less clear?

Why to set up 2 list + 1 combination list?
How to set them the remarketing lists up?
How to set the combinatin list?

And I'll send more detailed answers.

Re: serious question about remargeting

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Hi - just to update Zoicaremus' response slightly... the new remarkeing tag is added to all pages - the same tag - there is no need to generate separate tags for each page.

You can then use the url of the "success page" to generate a new list of visitors who visited this page. Use this list to exclude those visitors.

This newer version of the remarketing tag is much (much) more versatile than the previous methods where different tags were required all over the site.

and the new Google Tag Manager is another step forward which will simplify things yet further.

Re: serious question about remargeting

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how to set the combination list

Re: serious question about remargeting

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yes you are right
now i clear all my question .
i have not use tag manager but read all about tag manager feature .
can u tell me any useful feature of tag manager which help me in creating remarketing list.
i have setup the remarketing tag on my webiste .
then how should i know that the code is odd one or new one
because after reading your answer use of remarketing is very easy
what u say

Re: serious question about remargeting

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Sure, go to:

Adwords -> Down On the left column is Shared Library -> Audiences -> Click on + Audience -> Select "Custom Combination" ->


Then for :

Users included or interested in: Select second audience


none of these audiences: Select 1st audience

(use the dropdown to select "none of these audiences" - it's a bit counter intuitive)

Re: serious question about remargeting

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@Sachin Yadav


In addition to the great advice already received I would like to assist with the following :


For your second question "is there any way to show my ads to user only 10 times for example", since there was no requirement of 10 times per day in the question and 10 times per day = 300-310 times per month, a little spammy, I would answer a little different.


Another problem is that remarketing can Cap Frequencies not by person but by browser, so it is useful for you to understand that a person can use a computer with 2 or 3 browsers and still view your Ad a lot of more times than the frequency capping setting.

They could also browser from mobile or a tablet with a different browser. The is no option yet to set frequency capping across all browsers even if a user is logged in a Google account and technically Google could identify them for every browser.



The most restrictive setting for Frequency capping is per month and the default remarketing list duration is also 30 days (it can be extended) so I would choose to set Frequency capping for 10 times per month per Ad and put an end to the campaign after 30 days. I think that in remarketing it is important to create many different Ads. Creativity was particularly easy with the Display Ad builder (which is of course updated and replaced now by the "Ad Gallery", same cat different fur color )




You asked in message 8 "then how should i know that the code is old one or new one"


To view and diagnose a tag search for the "Google Tag Assistant" it is a plug in for Chrome. This will show you if the remarketing tag is old on some websites. For example this is what it shows me for