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remarketing for several business models

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Our company rules a site with offers from several different business models, for example hotels and travel agencies. I have several questions regarding dynamic remarketing.

What would be recommended.
1. vertical audiences and feeds for each model - 1 set for the hotels and 1 set for the travel agencies
One set of vertical audiences and one feed for all. Should I use custom model in this case?

I will appreciate any advice or given example, explaining this.

2. Is it right to have different campaigns / add groups for each vertical audience using the one feed?

3. What is the difference between fields "price" and "sale price" of the feed?
4. Is it possible to make an add, using a feed, which to show a discount or reduced price?

Re: remarketing for several business models

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Hi Sasho, I can't understand your 1 & 2 questions ("verticals" is not enought to explain), but I think you can find answer for next questions:
3. Sale price is special price with discount.
4. Look upper.

Re: remarketing for several business models

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Hi Darts,

Thank you for your answer. As verticals, I consider the conversion funnel. If you create a dynamic remarketing campaign in AdWords, Google creates 5 audiences - General visitors; Property viewers; Property searchers; Conversion abandoner; Past converters.

About questions 3 and 4 - I've tried it but the ad shows only Price field and not reduced sale price

Re: remarketing for several business models

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About price (AdWords use Merchant Center specification for feeds): If something don't work better to ask your support (may be it works not for all feeds).

About business type->other (custom model), you not should, but of cause you can use it if you want. To have different campaigns or not is your taste only.