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remarketing and conflicting lists

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I am currently running a re-marketing campaign via Adwords which targets all visitors who have visited any page on my website.  The advert is just a generic advert for the website mainly just the branding of the website.


I have also created two separate lists to re-market two products to anyone that has viewed either product.  if they have visited product 1, I want them to be re-marketed with the product 1 advert and the same for product 2. 


I would like to know what happens if say a potential customer arrives on my website via the homepage (triggering the cookie for all visitors) and then views product 1 (triggering the cookie for the product advert) and leaves the website? Does anyone know which advert will be displayed?  Or will it be a variation?


Ideally I would like to keep running the all visitors adgroup and the product adgroups as the list for all visitors is much larger. 

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September 2015

Re: remarketing and conflicting lists

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Hi Tom, good question.  Since you'll need to be using three separate Ad Groups to accomplish this, the answer is that it will depend upon the "normal" choices AdWords makes when a search (or website view) can match against more than one form of targeting.  It'll come down to CPC (including any bid adjustments) and Quality Score effectively.


So, if your "all visitors" Group has a CPC of £1.50 and, for this auction, the Quality Score is 8, that'll win over the "product 1" Group with a CPC of £1.50 and a Quality Score of 6.


If you want to make sure your product visitors only see the product Ads, there's two ways to do this.


#1 - Make sure your CPCs for the product Group are higher than those for the all visitors Group - possibly a lot higher.


#2 - Use a custom combination list for the all visitor Group that excludes people in the product 1 or product 2 lists.


Personally I'd go with #2 as it's a more certain method.



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Re: remarketing and conflicting lists

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Thanks Jon, that's really helpful, I will try #2 and exclude visits to the products, why I didn't think of this is beyond me.