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remarketing Qs

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Wondering if when I activate a remarketing list as a display target in a specific Adgroup, is that Adgroup now ONLY targeting that remarketing list?  I have some new display image ads that I just turned on this week.  I have yet to optimize them, but also want to try out the remarketing and have had the code installed for a few weeks now so I have enough cookie'd users in my list to begin...should I create a campaign JUST for my remarketing test or can I just activate it on a few of the existing image adgroups?  I am asking because I do not want to ONLY target the remarket list at this time and can't tell if that is what I would be doing if I activated it in an existing Adgroups....hope that makes sense....

Re: remarketing Qs

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Can you please state a little clearer what you've done and what you're looking to do?

From what i get the picture now is that you've basically installed the remarketing code and did an ad group targeting the remarketing list, which basically the simple concept of remarketing.

If this is the story, then yes, you are only targeting the remarketing code tracked visitors (assuming that you did the proper coding and custom combination if applicable), and it may turn out well, however it is highly recommended to do separate ad gorups for remarketing for precise results.

Hope this helps.