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"ads showing: no" but i see impressions being registered

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When I use Ad Preview and Diagnosis, it says 'Your ad is not showing for the keyword' however i can see impressions being registered?

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Re: "ads showing: no" but i see impressions being registered

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HI Lukasz G


Welcome to the AdWords community :-)


When it says that your ad is not showing for this keyword, does the system give you a reason why? such as budget etc


Have you changed the date range before viewing your impressions etc? Try adjusting your date range to feature only todays statistics, I'm sure you will see a difference in your statistics. Also, perform a keyword diagnosis to see why your ads are not showing for the keyword and to learn about any quality related performance issues that could be having a negative affect.


Measuring keyword performance (see under diagnose your keywords)


Kind regards


Re: "ads showing: no" but i see impressions being registered

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Hi Lukasz G,


The Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool is real-time. It will tell you whether your ad is triggered at that precise moment in time. It does not mean your ad never gets impressions.


It also considers location. If you have a geo-targeted campaign and you are not loacted within that target, you will ge the same message. You can set you location in the tool at the top part of the page.


One other thing, if it is a Display Network only campaign, the tool doesn't work.


Best of Luck!




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