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"Total All Campaign" Row Confusion

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Im really confused by the Total All Campaign row in my table on the keywords tab when in one of my campaigns.

The name of the row is total all CAMPAIGN, yet the pop up tool tip says it is total all ACCOUNT.
(Total-all account shows statistics for your entire account The "Total-all account" row statistics reflect your entire account, regardless of what tab you are viewing or what filters you have set in the table above. The information in this row is useful for monitoring how well your overall account is performing, what your total costs are, and other other high-level information about your AdWords investment.)


The figure does not match the whole ACCOUNT at all and it doesn't even match the whole campaign either. 

With my campaign selected in the left hand column - and view ALL selected on campaigns tab, view ALL ad groups tab, view ALL ads tab, view ALL audience tab, and view ALL keyword tab - and ALL TIME I have a total all campaign figure of 1331 clicks and a total all keywords clicks of 758.  That's nearly half ?


If I view the same keywords tab but with all my campaigns selected in the left menu and "view all" in all the tabs as above -  I still get really different figures? Surely when I have selected view everything in every tab then these figures should match up ? 


Can someone please clarify for me what this column even is , how it works, anything ?



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Re: "Total All Campaign" Row Confusion

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Hi Flashcass,

Please check the filter, while you are on all tab then it might be selected as "All" but if you are accessing just keywords, it might be with some filter either "all enabled" or "all but removed".

Hope you will get a solution to your problem.

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Re: "Total All Campaign" Row Confusion

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So basically, when you are inside one of the campaign and trying to look for the keywords of that particular campaign, you might use any filters to track the performance of some of the keywords out of total that are present in that one campaign.


AdWords interface would basically show you the stats of those filtered keywords along with that Total All campaign row, which would show the total stats so that you can compare the all statistics with filtered keywords stats. It's actually meant to ease the job, rather than creating any confusion for advertisers. If you are not using any filters, that stats in that row would remain the same.


Hope this helps!