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"Product Listing Ads" Doesn't work.

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We had 3,00 perfectly performing products on Google Shopping for the past decade, and all of a sudden yesterday they started disapproving the feed, which we assume means that you now have to use Adowrds Product Listing Ads.  Well, it's not working, at all.  We've had Product Listing Ads set up (by Google staff) for months, and not ONE of our 3,000 products appears ANYWHERE in ANY Google shpping search, so now we can't use Google Merchant Center feeds to advertise, and we can't get a single SKU to show up using Product Listing Ads.



MAJOR fail by Google on this one.  As of yesterday when they messed our Shopping feed up, we went from an average of 50 shipments per day, to 6 today.  Not happy.

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Re: "Product Listing Ads" Doesn't work.

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Hi DJDeals,


It's very frustrating when items in your feed get disapproved. There is little if any guidance given as to why items have been disapproved and little if any way to appeal the decision. As far as I know, there is still no manual over-ride option for items that have been disapproved byt the system. I have a few items in my feed that continually get disapproved, and they are simply presentation options for items that have been approved.


It is true, you must use AdWords Product Listing ads for your items to show in product search. If you've already set up Product LIsting Ads, that shouldn't be a problem--other than you now have to pay for what you get previously for free. Is your feed manual upload? Can you resubmit it and see what happens next?


I uploaded a fresh feed yesterday and it seems the items previously disapproved have either been approved or are awaiting review. I had 8 items disapproved before uploading a new feed. Today, I no disapproved items, but 4 awaiting review.


I'm sorry, but that's all I have!


Best of Luck.




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: "Product Listing Ads" Doesn't work.

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I am having some issues with target groups and they don't validate.  My question is in the field for the "product type"

When you complete, how is the text to be presented?   Example:  We have   cheerleading apparel and footwear.  Should I?

Example put in:    cheer shoes,  cheerleading shoes,     OR    "cheer shoes", "cheerleading shoes".  I have tried a number of different ways to get the PLA to recognize my product type and it can't seem to find them.  My uploads say they are clean no errors.  My categories are by the book, copied right from google base attributes.  You help on how to enter the product types would be appreciated.