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"Power user" implementation of location extensions and scalability

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I am in a predicament when I am looking for a way to quickly add location extensions for each brand belonging to a major hotel group.



Search "Destination" (ie. place where the hotel is physically located) is at the ad group level.


All Adwords accounts do either include all the brands (OTA-style) or only one (one website for each hotel chain). The Google My Business account includes all the hotels for all of the brands, without sorting them out.


There are two issues:

  1. how to sort out the location extensions by brand ?
  2. how to make easier the manual picking of the correct locations at the ad group level ?


As of now, the filter in Google Adwords only work with Name and Category, and can only be used with the filter IS/IS NOT.


I have thought of four ways to proceed:

  1. Is it possible to add a customized column in the Google My Business file and filter based on its value ? Namely, a "Brand" column/field filled with the brand (any hotel chain belonging to the group).
  2. Is it possible to use the filter on the Name with "includes" instead of just "is" ? That would allow to filter on text strings included in the name. The hotel names include the hotel brand.
  3. Another way around would be to duplicate the listings, namely to have a global listing and subsets of the global listing (one for each brand). In Adwords, we would then link a given account to the corresponding subset.
  4. The last solution would be to be able to bulk import the location extensions, which would allow to quickly add a number of items (hotels) IDs at the ad group level directly.Is that on the roadmap at some point ?

Without one of the aforementionned solutions or the suggestion of another workaround, we would have to manually upload multiple location extensions at the ad group level for hundreds of accounts, which is quite a painstaking process.


Thanks a lot for your help.

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Re: "Power user" implementation of location extensions and s

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Hi Ismael
Are you talking about the INITIAL upload of the locations or merely applying them in bulk to multiple campaigns and adgroups?

If it's the latter, why are you not using AdWords editor? Both the old (v10) and new (v11) both support this. You can use the built in search feature for filtering and copying and pasting for the application.

Whats stopping you doing it that way?

If that's not an option, can you perhaps give an example of what exactly you're trying to do and I'll see if there's a solution we can come up with for you here.

As a fellow power user, we rarely use bulk upload for anything, favouring AWE. We also work with a hotel chain so I may be able to offer some pointers in terms of implementing this.