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"New AdWords Features" - A Must Bookmark Page for All AdWords Advertisers

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Hey Fellow AdWords Optimizers! 


Today I stumbled across a really useful page in the Google AdWords Support section called " New AdWords Features " 


I really got excited about this page because it contains a general summary of new features being introduced to the general public and features that have / will be removed from AdWords. 


Why is this useful? 

  1. Prevents you from being caught unaware of new changes to policy/features/definitions/targeting/etc. - thus allowing you to make the appropriate changes (example: Extended Text Ad update). 
  2. Allows you to go back and understand retroactively when a change in AdWords occurred. Thus giving you an idea to a potential shift in performance (one of many, many factors). 
  3. Keeps you update-to-date so you don't have to worry whether you're existing knowledge of AdWords is consistent with the reality. For example: if you check the page you'll discover that only just this January 2017 AdWords enabled IF statements in their text ads, or February 2017 "AdWords Campaign Experiments are no longer supported; use campaign drafts and experiments."






While I doubt this page will feature every change and new feature (there are many constantly being tested in beta to a small group of testers) - it does help you keep a finger on the pulse of whats going on in AdWords. 


Link to New AdWords Features:


- Josh

Joshua, Top Contributor
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"New AdWords Features" - A Must Bookmark Page for All AdWords Advertisers

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Great find!  Thanks for sharing.