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"Conv. Value / Click" should be "Conv. Value / Converted click" ?

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Is this metric  "Conv Value / Click" expressed correctly or should it be "Conv Value/Converted click" ?

I have seen the info bubble and it seems to me that it counts only clicks which represent conversions not all clicks....




What exactly does it measure , its formula includes all clicks  ?



Re: "Conv. Value / Click" should be "Conv. Value / Conv

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Hi Adrian,

This is from our Help Center here:
"Conv. value / click": The total value of all your conversions divided by the total number of clicks. This measures the average revenue generated by each click on your ads.

That's the accurate definition. Where did you find the speech bubble that indicated otherwise?

Re: "Conv. Value / Click" should be "Conv. Value / Conv

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That screenshot is from the info-bubble near the column of the metric, after adding that column, at the campaign level.


I asked someone via the chat line later on and the operator told me that the wording "clicks that can be tracked to a conversion" is made to cover an exception : when an advertiser has landing pages from 2 sites in a campaign, one site with conversion tracking, one without. In this case the metric will count the value of conversions divided only by the number of AdWords clicks leading to the site with the conversion tracking enabled. 


An example , one campaign 2 ad groups, 2 sites.

At the campaign level we see 1000 clicks, but at the ad group level just 300 are from the Ad Group advertising a site with conversion tracking enabled.

At the campaign level we see total value of conversions 100, so this metric should show Conv value/Click = 100 / 300 not 100/1000, because only 300 clicks "can be tracked to a conversion"


Now I am not sure exatcly what the metric is counting Smiley Happy It could be a good exam question.