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quick question about destination url

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hello guys,


just a quick question about destination urls.


AdWords allows us to put the url destination either at ad level either at keyword level.

I know that Google priorities the urls at keyword level rather than ad level, what I don't know though is how beneficial is or is not in putting the url at keyword level.


I mean, there are any benefits or it is just the same?




Re: quick question about destination url

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Hi here are few reasons to use keyword level destination URLs

  • Some bid management software require keyword level destination URLs
  • If you are running campaign for Ecom website and your website has huge inventory. With keyword level destination URLs you can send users to very relevant pages
  • Some people use it to track keyword level data in 3rd party software, although this can also be done with creative level URLs and value track


Regards, Nik
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Re: quick question about destination url

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thanks for your response,


the display urls though are going to be the one that i create within the ads aren't they?