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placement with or without WWW

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I am a little confused about whether to use or not use www when adding a managed placement. Some while ago I did add a bunch of URL:s without www (which is how Googe support does it in their examples), but then I received very few impressions. So after a while I added the same URL:s with www in front and then a few of those actually started getting impressions, while their sisters yet didn´t (cpc was the same).

I then started doing this on a regular basis and as an example I have one account where I have added the same domain with and without www and both of these placements get plenty of impressions and the amount is pretty equal.



Re: placement with or without WWW

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Hi David, I think adding/removing WWW works like this - You will get impressions from and its inner pages viz. etc.


But if has subdomain based structre like then your ads wont appear if you are putting placements with www in it


So yes placement with or without www in it will bring you more impressions as your ads will be served on both type of domain structue (If the placement has it)


Instead of having duplicate placements use only NON www urls that will pull impressions from both type of domains structure.

Anyone please correct me if I am wrong.


Paras J