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negative kw issue across campaigns

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Hi guys


I have a kw in one campaign but variations of that kw in other campaigns. i.e hypnotherapy in one and hypnotherapist in the other.


To do this i have had negative kw in the campaigns so i could monitor better which kw performs best. I have noticed that even though one campaign has certain neg kw, the kw enabled isnt showing up as i get a message saying the enabled kw is not showing as the neg kw is showing in a different campaign instead.


Whats the point of having neg kw if google will just show my ad for a variation of my enabled kw?


If this is the case am i better to just have one campaign instead of the variation campaign, and use a + symbol so google can just choose which to show the ad for?


Any advice is appreciated



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September 2015

Re: negative kw issue across campaigns

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I have a sense of what you're attempting and it sounds like you're on the right path. You may just need a couple of tweaks.

Can you elaborate a bit on this setup? Perhaps, you could list a couple of examples with the corresponding keywords/negatives and the match types you're using? Also, I know what the messaging is saying but how about the data...are these keywords actually getting any impressions?

From there, I'm certain that I can guide you to the proper execution of embedded negative keyword use and explain the messaging in your account.

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: negative kw issue across campaigns

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Thanks for the reply, it seems like ive done it atm- im certain i never altered it though which seems bizarre??

but ill report back in a few days if necessary.