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Re: Clicks paid for in Adwords, but Analytics shows 0 visits

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1. has this happened only for 2012-06-12? if yes then wait Smiley Happy adwords clicks get updated on almost realtime but GA might time up to 24 hrs to update.

2. Also make sure you have linked your adwords and analytics accounts

Hope this helps



Regards, Nik
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Re: Clicks paid for in Adwords, but Analytics shows 0 visits

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Hi mate,


On first view it seems that there might be something wrong with either the Adwords and Analytics account linking as pointed out by Nik, or it can also be due to faulty URL tagging.


Can you confirm if the Adwords account has auto tagging enabled or whether all your ad URLs are manually tagged? If you have not opted for auto tagging and have not tagged your URLs correctly then you might face this issue as well.


Also, I'd to point out that if Adwords has shown you x number of clicks, that means those clicks have actually beenr recorded in the account and those people have clicked on your ads and come to your site. Any inconsisteny in the data between Adwords and Analytics can be down to faulty linking or certain reporting delays, but it wont be so that Adwords is charging you clicks that never took place in real life.


I would recommend that you call Adwords Support and explain your problem to them. You would need to have your Customer ID and Account creation email address handy for verification and would also probably need to give them permission to access your Analytics account while looking into this issue (They can't access that without your go ahead and will tell how you can give them the permission on the call itself).


Hope this helps, please feel free to update this thread with any further queries that you might have.