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An ex-client used my password and email to sieze my account, locking my out.  He claims adwords walked him through the process, even though I previously (in writing), told adwords he was an EX, and I even needed assistance untangling his account from adwords and "my business/places"


He is running ads, or he doesnt know how to shut them off, which are severly impacting my business, and marring my brand, copyright infringment, ect.


I think he is mostly clueless, and doesnt know how else to turn his ads back on (he's mad I'm leaving him, basically).


I have written adwords about this, but they seem unwilling to assist, it took nearly a week to get this bumped to a senior member within adwords.


The calls are handled in India, making verbal communication ineffective, at best.


Basically, the client doesn't know how to use a computer, and throughout this process, our relationship has been completely severed.


I am trying to resolve this wothout taking legal action, though BOTH Adwords and my client are clearly liable for damages.


I need an adult in the room fast, and I think someone at adwords is trying to cover a mistake, which is escalating this to a ridiculous level.


I have the contact for the legal department, but hoping there is simpler way to resolve this without escalation.


I am willing to forgoe clear damages, simply to move on and resume business, but a clueless, volitile client, and an evasive, incommunicado adwords department are making resolution imossible.


This is a clear situation where adwords could and should step in, yet they are quiet.

Any advice that will keep me out of court would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: mystified

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@Ben N;

Here is an article about Google's Policy on  resolving this issue;


Note that the current Google's Policy is:

>>"Google won’t mediate or adjudicate disputes between known third parties, and unwanted changes made by former employees, spouses, or other family members are not considered hijacking. In case of a third party dispute, contact the Admin for the account. If you believe the Admin in question is unlawfully restricting access to your account, we recommend you contact law enforcement.

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Re: mystified

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Hi Ben,

Were you running campaigns for his business and your business through the same account? Just looking for a little clarity on the set-up. Also - is the billing information set up through the ex-client's information or yours? I do know cases where AdWords has helped a company regain access to an account that they (AdWords) considered to be theirs (the client's). I'm not sure exactly what that would look like if multiple businesses were being ran out of one account, though. It seems odd that they would want to continue to run ads for your business if they are the ones funding it.

Sorry that I'm not much help, I'm not sure that I'm fully understanding the structure of the account to understand how it would be impacting your business and marring your brand to have a client take over their account. My guess is that the AdWords reps you've spoken to may not be understanding that either.

Re: mystified

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I was running only their ads for a long time.

When we severed our relationship, I offered their IT guy access to copy the files, I gave him administrative access(their new IT guy).

I started running my own ads...which got horribly intermingled with their "google my business/places"....that got resolved by Google my business.

They're IT turned out to suck, and bailed on them, so they hijacked my account.

My ads are currently running, using my old client ph#(which was similiar to the situation I resolves with "my places"). This has the potential to destroy my business, and has already cost me clients and business...they are misrepresenting my company and brand.
I am locked out of the account, so I can't repair.
The client can't fix because he has no clue, the hijacking of my account was a small miracle he did so with adwords assistance.

Adwords support called me at 3am, claimed to be a supervisor, I was sleeping, so I guess no help till after the holiday weekend.

I need the billing information in the account, no matter what, for tax reasons.

I have offered every amicable solution to all involved parties, but am stuck with a clueless client, and an adwords support team that is nonresponsive, evasive, unknowledgable or unwilling to help.

I have done some research in the last few hours, and it appears this is simply how adwords operates....after all, they have the power and can eat a small lawsuit no problem.

Is there any alternative to legal action? I have offered to relinquish the account if they stop running my ads, and give me billing info for taxes.

I have been the "only adult in the room" throughout this process, and just wondering if there is anywhere to turn.


Re: mystified

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I should note, that when I first got hijacked, I thought I was hacked. Then Google couldn't verify my identity, over the phone, even though I had ALL information available, up to the point I was hijacked.

I should also note, my clients stand to lose 6 or 7 figures if I cannot keep advertising promises, I need to catch up on ads now, if it's not too late.
I do advertising in a very time sensitive or my clients quality score is in the hundreds of dollars to make up.
This could have easily been, and still could easily be, resolved with some competent, timely assistance from adwords.
The reasons I need the tax info seemed threatening to my ex-client, and he in turn threatened there is no communication, other than me offering all parties every option.
I need another "adult in the room"...that's it, that simple.