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my adwords accout used to last almost a full month now a much shorter

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This only started in the past month or so. but why if I am not getting any calls is my account running out so Quick

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Re: my adwords accout used to last almost a full month now a much shor

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Hello Brian B, 


Welcome to adwords community. 

Can you elabroate your question, what exactly you want to ask. 

You are running a campaign, But dont receive any call from campaign.

Whats your average Ad Position. ?

How much your daily  budget. ?

You are using call extension or not?


Share data with us, So that we can help you. 




Re: my adwords accout used to last almost a full month now a much shor

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Hi brian and welcome to the Community.  I've a couple of responses to this post...


Firstly, AdWords isn't static.  A budget that "lasts" through one month may not be sufficient to "last" through the next; this is true of virtually all markets but is particularly so when the market is seasonally affected.  Neither can it be said that a certain spend will definitely bring a certain number of calls.  A $100 spend may bring 10 phone calls one day and none at all the next; this is completely normal and something all advertisers will have seen to one extent or another.


My second response is more about your attitude to the Account.  I'm concerned that you appear to be working on the basis of a fixed spend without any reference to income from that spend.  Are you using AdWords Express?  Whichever tool you're using, what you spend on AdWords should be informed by what AdWords returns to you in terms of measurable success.  If you're not getting any calls you should be investigating how to improve your Campaign(s) and website and experimenting with new Ads, refined Keywords, better landing pages, etc.


Can you give us some more details of your business or site and we'll try to help.



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