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multiple locations in a geo service area in adwords

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This is my question...I have  a remodeling business that is based in a pretty good size city. Of course I serve customers at there location. I have one location. When I am out in the field working have been monitoring the placement of my ads or to see if they are showing up at all. In most cases Iam not seeing my ads. Only when Iam close to the 1 location that I have do I show. Now Ive been doing adwords for a while now and I understand that google is trying to get best results for the person searching which means that I may not be showing up because Iam not close to there location. 

Because I have techs in different areas of the city, that work from there locations, I can put there locations on Google maps and places but I cant see how I can do that in adwords. Is there a way that I can get more exposure in different parts of the city if I have verifiable addresses?

Thanks in advance

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Re: multiple locations in a geo service area in adwords

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Good morning.


In general, Google tries to show your ads across the entire geographic area you're targeting with your campaign. Many factors affect your coverage, including budget & the competition in different parts of the city.


To help improve your coverage, make certain that your verified Google Places/Maps listings for each of your locations are linked to your AdWords campaign via the Location Extension feature.  


Aside from that, let me point out that you are checking to see if your ads are showing, but Google doesn't know that. Any time you do a search, the software assumes you are a potential customer. If you are shown your own ad a time or two and don't click on it, the system eventually stops showing it to you and shows you different ads instead.  Instead of searching in the live environment, use the tools inside your campaign that allow you to test how your ads are being displayed.

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