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monthly cost to advertise to promote my website

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hi , 

 i want to understand how much will i need to spend each month to promote my website selling te-shirts all over the world.

i need specefic numbers in INR rupees or USD so i can create budgets for it.


 I am a small start up , so i have limited resources. I am looking at a monthly budget of USD 1000 or so.

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Re: monthly cost to advertise to promote my website

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Hi siddharth j, and welcome to the Community.


In an ideal world, you shouldn't think about AdWords in terms of "spend".  AdWords - when used to promte the sale of products as opposed to simple "brand awareness" - should be about return on investment, not raw spend.  You should ideally establish your website and run small budget "test" Campaigns that will allow you to gauge what your likely return on investment is for your T-shirts.


All that really matters for AdWords is that it returns a Net profit.  If it doesn't, and no amount of tuning or settings can make it do so, you should stop advertising.  If it does then it really doesn't matter what you spend since whatver you spend will result in a Net profit.


The only problems that can appear as your budget becomes very high is that there will be a point at which you cannot physically process the number of orders AdWords is generating, but this is unlikely.


If you are prepared to spend $1000 a month, I'd suggest you start a new Campaign at just $100 a month initially and use this Campaign to test and tune your Account.  At the end of April you should have enough data to tell whether AdWords will be effective for you and, if it will be, you can increase the budget.



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Re: monthly cost to advertise to promote my website

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There is no minumu - so the simple answer to your question is a few dollars (actually a few cents) but that would only promote your website to a handfull of people.


The real question should perhaps be... How much promotion will my website receive if I set a budget of $1000?


And this depends on a number of factors, but essentially - how much will you pay for a click. One dollar a click -1000 visits. 10 cents a click 10,000 visits.


So the next question is... How much will I pay for each click? There are some ways to get an idea - there are services that will give you some competitive data - you can see what others are paying for their clicks, but the reality is this depends on a number of factors specific to your account - the keywords you choose, the ads you write and the landing pages to which the visitors are directed when they click on your ad.


Then, of course, you need to think about what a visitor is worht to you - since not all visitors will buy a tee shirt.


As an idea... let's suppose that each click costs 50cents... and then let's suppose that one in ten visitors will buy a shirt. Each sale has cost you $5... but you can get 2,000 visitors and, as a result, sell 200 shirts - for your $1000 investment.


These numbers are - obviously - invetned, I have no idea how much a click will cost or how many visits you will need to sell each shirt on average - but you get the idea.


The next step is simple... if you make $4 profit per shirt, you're making a loss - if you make $6 - you're maknig a profit.


So if you have limited resources - and everyone does (no one wants to throw monay away) then your best approach would be to budget a test campaign and get an idea of what the real numbers are. A small variation in the costs can impact significantly on the bottom line - but no one is going to be able to tell you how much things are going to cost without some degree of testing.