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mobile ads not showing 0 impressions

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I've set up my mobile ad, mobile is definately enabled as the bid reducer is set to -20%


I see some impressions and clicks when I look at the device platform menu.


However for the same campaign when I look at the ads, the one mobile ad I set up has 0 clicks & impressions, where as the other multi platform ads have 1000+ impressions.


Is there a way to ensure that all mobile platform users see the mobile ad only instead of the regular ads?


Or would I have to set up different campaigns (one for mobile and anotehr for tablets + laptops/desktop.


I thought the recent integration was supposed to fix all the messy campaigns for multiple devices & platforms.

Re: mobile ads not showing 0 impressions

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Enhanced Campaigns are still sort of in beta...  ugh


Here is my read - you cannot assign an ad to mobile only, only state a preference an you do so with the checkbox in the text ad form.


If you want a mobile only campaign, there is only a workaround available at this point:


If you want to bid X on a mobile bid, set up the bid at .25X, then do a bid adjustment of 300% to get it back to X.


The idea being the bid will be so low on the computer/tablet devices that it will not get impressions. 

Regards, Doug