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keywords not showing

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I am having a little problem with adwords.
I am targeting brand name plus a keyword extension.
Because I am not a loud to target the brand name, I have to put the brand name in the negative keywords section.
But when I add the brand name to the negative keyword tool, none of my other keywords show when searching for them?
How do I get around this? all the other advertisers seem to be ok.
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Re: keywords not showing

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Hi Smantha,

Could you please explain a little bit more in details what you are doing? You are targeting a brand name but you are not allowed to target a brand name. There must be something missing here Smiley Happy

I presume that you're using a brand name as a keyword and also using a dynamic keyword insertion. You don't want the brand name to appear in the ad text which is triggered when somebody is searching for that brand (which is included in your keywords list).

If that's so, I'd suggest you putting the brand keyword into a separate ad group and writing an ad text without any dynamic keyword insertion. As for the ad group you cannot use the brand name, put it as a negative keyword, that should solve your problem.


Re: keywords not showing

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Hi. Yes i am targeting brand name + keyword I am allowed to target brand name + keyword but NOT brand name.


So i have a few keywords like:


brand name + keyword

brand name + keyword + keyword


I have added brand name to the negative keyword tool. As soon as i do this, none of my keywords show.


It works because none of my ads show for brand name, but then on the other hand none of my other ads show for brand name + keyword ?

Re: keywords not showing

Top Contributor
# 4
Top Contributor
Hi Samantha,

It seems that you are using the brand term as a negative in Keyword planner tool and still want to find the keyword related to brand. It is not possible.

It avoid this you can use all keywords and add the brand term as a negative in exact match [brand], your ads will not serve on the particular brand [brand] term only.
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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