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keywords diaganosis tool bringing up approval issue on all keywords

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Guys, I'm new to google adwords so please go easy Smiley Surprised)

I have setup a campaign and chosen my keywords. The campaign is by a defined geographic location, Northern Ireland.

The current ad status is "under review"

Bill account is valid with +ive balance


When I use the keywords diagnosis tool ALL my keywords result = "approval issue". ??

Some of the keywords are generic terms so should have limited restrictions applied eg.. "car dealers"

Some of keywords are brand labelled - eg "peugeot dealers"  .. trademark issue?  I am an authorised Peugeot Dealer by the way.


Why would all the keywords state approval issue? Is this due to the fact the ad is "under review". I would have thought irrespective of ad status the keywords diagnosis tool would display results

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Re: keywords diaganosis tool bringing up approval issue on all keywords

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Hi howardabraham,


Yes you are correct. It is because of 'under review" as status. Once your ads will get approved, check again in Ad Preview Tool. Till then wait Smiley Happy




Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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