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keywords and URL's

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Is there a way I can see what URL the keywords are on?  I see what URL is ranking where and what keywords are getting people to the site but I need to see what keywords are associated with what URL.

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Re: keywords and URL's

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Hi White Canyon,


The query itself seems a bit opaque but hopefully I did no misunderstand it.


Typically an ad group consists of a bunch of keywords and ad copies. Hence if the keyword is listed in a particular ad group you may be sure that they are associated with the URLs which were specified when you created the ad copies belonging to this particular ad group.


The answer may become a bit more complex when you apply keyword specific destination URLs, however, since you did not mention this option I would not dwell on it. 




Re: keywords and URL's

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Are you talking about viewing to which page a keyword directs a user who clicks on the ad ??


An ad group consists of keywords which can go upto 5000 (the max limit of the number of keywords in an ad group). Each ad copy needs to have a destination URL which you must be aware of,though this destination URL need not necessarily be the page where your users are landing or landing page.


A destination URL is the URL which loads when an user clicks on the ad and the landing page is the page where the destination URL points to. If your destination URL and landing page are same then it becomes the same stuff but many advertisers also use subdomains as destination URL which in turn loads to a different page on the same website (thats a compulsion).


You can set separate destination URL for each of your keywords. Go to the "column" tab in the keywords section and under "attributes" you would find "dest URL", "add" and "save". Now you can see as well edit the keyword level "dest URL".


An ad group can have multiple landing pages as well,though only one domain can be used in an ad group.


Hope I unserstood your query correctly.