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keyword phrase entered doesn't currently trigger any of your ads.

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I am in a campaign within my product listing ads.  I click on the keywords tab and hover over the 'eligible' in the status column.  I get the result listed in the subject line...and I don't understand.  I have this keyword set up so how can it not be triggering any of my ads.

This keyword: Scott Archery Mongoose Release IS triggering the ad but Scott Mongoose Release is not.

Help!  Please


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Re: keyword phrase entered doesn't currently trigger any of your ads.

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Have you used the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool , that might give you an explanation about why the key is not showing up ?

Re: keyword phrase entered doesn't currently trigger any of your ads.

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Hi Jennifer,


Do you mean Product Extensions or Product Listing Ads? They are 2 different things.


When I search on the keyword (Scott Archery Mongoose Release), I see your ad with sitelink extensions, and I see one PLA for you, first position.


When I search on (Scott Mongoose Release), I see your PLA listed first, but not your ad.


The PLA's don't use keywords. Instead, Google uses the product description as submitted by you to determine relevance to the query.


What is the match type for (Scott Archery Mongoose Release)? If it's phrase or exact match, it will not show for (Scott Mongoose Release). If that is the case, add (Scott Mongoose Release) as phrase or exact match, or both. You could also try BMM (+Scott Archery +Mongoose +Release). This says Scott, Mongoose and Release must all be present in the query, but Archery is optional. Doing this could get impressions for queries that include archery synonyms or close variations. (Scott Bow Mongoose Release) could trigger your ad using the BMM as suggested.


Best of Luck!




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