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in Legacy adword camping how to increse more click please help me

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September 2015

Re: in Legacy adword camping how to increse more click please help me

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Good morning.  


Users are most likely to click on your ads when you ads seem to be very closely related to what they are searching for.


Use keywords that are highly relevant to your product or service. Avoid "broad match" keywords since those will pull a much wider range of traffic, not all of which will be good for your purposes. 


Organize your keywords into tightly "themed" Ad Groups where all of the keywords are very much alike. If you're selling a product that comes in colors, you might organize by color. If it comes in gender--like shoes--you'd organize by gender. Write separate ad text for each Ad Group, with text that talks about the keywords in that Ad Group only. 


You would put men's shoes and children's shoes in different Ad Groups. Your ad messaging should be different because each of these Ad Groups represents a different "audience" and the different audiences are looking for different things. For children's shoes, the selling point might be that they're inexpensive, since children outgrow their shoes quickly. For men's shoes, the selling point might be how high quality or long-wearing the shoes are.


Also, watch your search terms report to find examples of searches that are not good for your purposes--add those as negative keywords in your campaign. This will focus your budget on serving higher quality traffic .


That's how to think about organizing your campaign to get the most clicks you can. Getting the right clicks is as important as getting a lot of clicks. (In fact, it's more important. Getting a lot of clicks is useless if they're not coming from people searching for what you're buying.



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