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impressions per unique user

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one of my settings said 100 impressions per day per unique user :


ok i assume (correct me if im wrong) that this is ip based ?

why would i want to waste 99 impressions then ? 

even setting it to 5 might be ok ( but only 'just' ) ... they might be on youtube searching for 5-10 pages max ... so my question is why so many impressions per UNIQUE user ? Give them 1 ... if they miss it too bad , right ?! Assuming you are targeting 8 million viewers surely ONE 1 is enough then ?

Re: impressions per unique user

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That sounds like too many, almost impossibly many.
What´s the total amount of impressions?

Remember that
"Google calculates the estimated frequency by obtaining data from a sample group"

I´d gues it´s cookie based, but I am not sure.