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image next to text ads on GDN

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hi all,

I've recently seen some text ads on GDN included image (as below) that appears on the lefthand next to the text ads.

I just wonder does Google choose a random image from the site or the advertiser has a option to put an image on the adwords platform?


thanks in advance



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Re: image next to text ads on GDN

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Hi Suri

Well GDN has 4 ad options as mentioned in this article

Which are

1. Text Ads
2. Images Ads
3. Rich Media Ads
4. Video Ads

Also as mentioned here you can use text ads in GDN

But I'm afraid its never mentioned about text ads with images Smiley Sad

Hope someone will able to help you more in this

Re: image next to text ads on GDN

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It seems a beta test as described here . The image is a logo :


It is not a standard global option for text ads in the GDN.

Re: image next to text ads on GDN

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hi Adrian,

In fact I've known the favicon next to adtext this is not the case, or at lease the image is not a logo
I've seen many text ads with Image (hotel/room image) on GDN from Agoda but it seems Google takes randomly the image as a favicon or a logo to put next the adtext.
They've doing remarketing so if you visit to their website once then you'll see this kind of ad


Re: image next to text ads on GDN

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I've recently seen this exact issue come up with one of my campaigns and I'd love to opt out since the image is totally random and has nothing to do with the brand.

Been scouring the client's site to see if it is there at all but never come across it.

I just want to remove it if we can't choose which to use.

Re: image next to text ads on GDN

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In full transparency, what I'm about to say is over my head but it seems like there is probably a way to use mark-up language to indicate your image preferences. I found this article from May 2013 about using to identify your preferred logo. If Google is selecting the image from your site, maybe this would help you to sway their decision?


The reason I bring up Schema is because we've noticed a similar thing happening with mobile searches - a logo (or favicon) appears next to the brand name in a search. It seems that if Google doesn't know the logo, it uses a category favicon. I haven't seen the ads, I have only seen the mobile search. I assume the image it is using is probably the same for both. I'm not sure how you would opt out, though.


Check out the attached image. It shows two different searches. The first one suggests American Airlines with their logo. The second search suggests a different site but if you go to their site, you'll see that isn't their logo.



Re: image next to text ads on GDN

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Hi Suri,

Yes, these are images picked up from your landing page and then displayed next to your text ads on the GDN. From what I know, You cannot opt out of it as it is Beta, something along the lines of how Text ads positions are tested on the SERP ( Above Search listings or Below Search listings, etc.).

As mentioned in this chain, favicons can also be picked up from the Landing page for your text ads. As far as I am aware, you cannot control what gets picked up to be placed next to the text ad.

Hope this helps.


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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