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how to use remarketing tag at MCC level

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hi everyone,


If i have many managed accounts ( under the same MCC) with different  domain then could I use the same remarketing tag ( at MCC level) for all those domains in order to share the remarketing list between them?


Thanks in advance


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Re: how to use remarketing tag at MCC level

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Hi suri,

Please follow the instructions mentioned in the link:

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Re: how to use remarketing tag at MCC level

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hi Archit,
Thanks for the link. But they don't mention about my concern


Re: how to use remarketing tag at MCC level

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Let me ping for you  one of our colleagues who is familiar with this topic;

@stickleback ?


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Re: how to use remarketing tag at MCC level

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Thanks @MosheTLV

Hi @suri

In theory, you could use the same remarketing tag for all your accounts and then share the list between them.

However, there are some important considerations to be made as between what you CAN do and what you SHOULD do...

There is an underlying assumption that, if you are able to put the remarketing code on a site, then you have access to either the server, or the Google Tag Manager container, or - if you build the lists through GA - the GA account.

Since it's probably safe to assume that each account in your MCC has its own GA account, then, in reality, it is only the AdWords remarketing tag that is potentially going to be shared.

We have always been able to build a list that client A could use by placing their (client A's) remarketing tag on client B's website. And there are some great situations where this can help both clients cross fertilise with each other.

So the new function, whereby you can share lists between accounts is a simplification of this.

However - and this is where things get murky to say the least - Google assumes - and makes you click on a checkbox - that you have permission from the client providing the list to use it for the client wishing to advertise to the list.

So far so good...

Now, in your case you are asking whether you should use the same remarketing tag to share the list between them. In my opinion this would be a bad idea - and here's why...

Firstly, you don't need to. This is perhaps what you have missed. You can simply use the list of one client as a target for another client's remarketing campaigns. You simply share the list as explained in the article @Archit shared and off you go.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly - you probably want to be able to still identify the list that belongs to each individual client. Having one "master" list of all visitors to all of your client's websites means that you cannot then run a campaign specifically to one client's list without first segmenting by url... which is a clunky way to go about things.

Much of the power of remarketing comes from the fact that you know that these visitors have previously visited your site, and you may well segment them further. Knowing, for example, that these clients visited a different site than yours, but knowing which site that was (i.e. campaign for client A targeting previous visitors of site B) means that you can write some very cleverly targeted (and hopefully as a result - very effective) ads.

The final point I would make about this is that I would argue that there is a "best practice" about keeping the dividing lines between clients clear. In terms of transparency for clients it is much simpler to be able to say - this is your remarketing list (client A) and this is yours (client B) - and we are gong to share them between us. It is not the same - and I believe could create all kinds of issues - where you have to tell the clients... "Yes, this is the remarketing list we can use. Some of them visited your site previously, and some of them visited the sites of my other clients...."

There is little point in using remarketing between unless there is a sensible reason to do so. The fact that they are both your clients really makes little difference if one sells shoes and the other is a blog about model trains....

However, where they are complementary - for example, one is a blog about baby's and parenthood and the other sells baby clothes, then both could benefit.

Let us know how you decide to proceed and what results you get - it would be great to hear about your experience!