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how to place ads targeting gmail inside inbox tht is

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   i have created a display only campaign with a text advt.


second i added keywords and placement as and ::inbox,top center 

that is targeting advt to be appearing in gmail inside inbox as well as at the top center.

but my advt is appearing only in top center that in only in the first page of gmail after we loginto gmail...where we see all list of emails.


when we click one advt is not appearing either in the right side or in the top center inside any of the email in gmail.


even after mentioning so many keywords..i dont get it.


guide me pls...very urgent how to create advt to target gmail inside inbox


my advt must appear in the right hand side inside inbox of gmail.


do guide me step by step..i dont know where iam doing mistake..almost 1 month iam trying and contacted several google support people..none of them can help me..


guide me

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Re: how to place ads targeting gmail inside inbox tht is

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Hello there;

  • You don't need too many keywords - 5-10 would suffice, to define the "theme" of  the content in Gmail pages. 
  • Gmail is quite popular; so in a competitive field, you might need to raise the bid to get your ad shown.

And a last point: you cannot "preview" your ad on Google display; Trying to "preview" your ad on your machine is misleading, since once the ad is shown, it probably will not be shown again during  the same "session". (Unless you use some other targeting method - I don't want to get into - to keep the answer short)

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: how to place ads targeting gmail inside inbox tht is

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my advt is appearing only on the opening inbox of gmail.
its not at all appearing in inside inbox..even after raising the bid 900% and waiting for 10 days to appear we failed.

if somebody help me ..then u are a genius..

i called google support and none of the outsourced support guys can resolve my issue.

i want step by step by guidance for creating an advt only targeting gmail us.

Re: how to place ads targeting gmail inside inbox tht is

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You need to look at the number of impressions your target has received. It is very rare that you will see your own ad in a display campaign like this. Your ad will not show all the time. If you've seen the ad and didn't click, Google will stop showing it to sooner or later.

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords