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how to change campaign settings from many per click to one per click

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I'm not able to find instructions as to how I change my Campaign Settings to report one-per-click conversions instead of many-per-click.  Usually there is only one transaction per click on my site.

I'm able to view results both ways by adding columns for each.

However, in my Campaign Settings I'm afraid I got all the reporting messed up into Analytics because a week or so ago I changed it from one-per-click over to many-per-click.

Now I realize it should remain one-per-click.

Thank you for your time!

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Re: how to change campaign settings from many per click to one per cli

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi Sandra, 


It would be great to get a bit more information on your issue. It's not possible to change how conversions report without changing your conversion bid metric. It sounds like you have changed your conversion bid metric, not in your campaign settings but in your conversion settings


Follow these steps to check your conversion settings: 

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click on the Tools and Analysis tab
  3. Select Conversions from the drop down
  4. Click the settings tab
  5. Click the edit settings button
  6. Select the type of conversions you want your bid metric to focus on
  7. Click save

Let us know if this doesn't help and you still have questions about this,