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[home] AND home - I need both

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Hello again,


Thank you all for answering my questions so quickly!


I want to be able to have two different ad groups. One with the exact match: [keyword] and the other ad group to catch everything else - broad match:keyword.


But when I do this it says my broad match is not being triggered because of the exact match is triggering. 


How can I do this?

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September 2015

Re: [home] AND home - I need both

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Once you have your ad groups set up, you should add all of your keywords from the exact match ad group to the other ad group as exact match negative kw at the ad group level.


Now, you may see messages that say 'this kw is not being triggered' etc for the broad match terms because the diagnosis tools assume exact match.  You're in essence saying use this as broad match for everything but the actual term.  If the actual term is searched, use the exact match ad group. The diagnosis tool doesn't understand how to check for keywords that would trigger a broad match.  The ad preview tool should help you see this.  If you have for instance:


exact group:

[red widgets]

[large red widgets]

[small red widgets]


broad group:

red widgets

large red widgets

small red widgets


ad group negatives for broad group:

-[red widgets]

-[large red widgets]

-[small red widgets]


The search term (red widgets) will trigger the exact match ad group as it is listed as a negative in the broad group.

The search term (huge red widgets) will trigger the broad group.


My point is that you must trust that this set up works and when you test via the ad preview tool.


Hope this helps!



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Re: [home] AND home - I need both

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Hi there,


Tom gave a useful suggestion there to help increase the likelihood of your broad match keywords showing.


Too add to Tom's post, please note that your broad match ad group will not be triggered by exact match search queries e.g. [red widgets] as that is already covered by your exact match ad group. The broad match ad group will only serve for expansions of the term e.g. small red cheap widgets. In addition to this, if you have two keywords in your campaign that are both eligible to appear in a search results page, the system will choose the one that will perform better at the lowest cost (i.e. it will assess quality score and bids). 


I hope this makes things a little clearer.