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existing customers

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Morning all.

I have a an issue regarding existing customers. Currently they are inflating brand costs by clicking on the ad just to login. Under normal circumstances this would be easily solved through rlsa, however we operate in the gambling sector, meaning any form of remarketing is prohibited. A little but stumped on how to solve this issue, any thoughts?
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Re: existing customers

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The only solutions getting around this may be long and tiring, but here goes..


You will need to find what exact search terms your existing customers are using to see the add.. for example if they are searching - 'your+company+name+login' or 'login+yourcompanyname' you may want to add negative keywords for example 'login'. So find what search terms they are using in order to login and try add negative keywords.

You can run a Search Terms Report (Keywords > Details > Search Terms)


Another method bit tedious again:

Create another Ad Group with the ADS landing page as the page to login.
Add keywords such as 'login to your website' or use the search terms report to find what keywords or phrases are being searched by existing users hoping to login to your site and add them also.

For this ad group you could then really try decrease the bid. Modify your columns to see what the estimated first page bid is and apply your bid accordingly.

Dependent on other factors this may be a small way to decrease costs of existing users trying to login to your site. 

Furthermore for this same ad group you could set up conversion tracking and put in your code on the login page or the page straight after you login, this will also give you a insight of how may people are constantly using your ads just to login..are you may be able to use this information to your advantage..


I hope this helps, not sure if it will solve your issue completely especially if you can't use a re marketing list but its a thought or two..


Re: existing customers

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Hi Jonny,

I agree with what Wajid said.

Usually in cases like this you'd want to make a good list of negative-keywords to prevent users clicking your ads for silly things like just "login".

As mentioned, Search Terms report is the best way to find which terms is triggering your ads. You can find a video-guide here:

For Negative Keywords, this may help:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: existing customers

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HI Guys,

Its on the exact variant of the brand term, so this is not possible we are not receiving any irrelevant queries.