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exclude my Ads when people search for my Business by name

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I'm afraid I'm unnecessarily paying for clicks since the paid ad appears ahead of my organic listing.
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September 2015

Re: exclude my Ads when people search for my Business by name

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You can achieve this by having your business name as negative keyword.

Also removing your business name keywords from your campaigns.

But before doing that I would suggest you should check if your competitors are bidding on your business name and if they are then think about possibility of losing your visitors to them because off their ads appearing in to top ad slot above organic results.

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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Re: exclude my Ads when people search for my Business by name

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For what it's worth, I think you should always own your own brand. There should be no search on your company name that doesn't produce listings for your company.


If you're an advertiser, that includes ads. (In general, I find that much lower bids are needed for "branded" keywords than for others, so these clicks shouldn't be expensive.) Customers searching for your company should not be presented with ads from all your competition but not from you.


Of course, if you can't afford the budget, then theniks's advice is good--you can use negative keywords to block searches for your own company name, so your ads aren't triggered for those.

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Re: exclude my Ads when people search for my Business by name

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Hi Janice, further to the two replies you've already had, I'll just stick my oar in as well.

First off, I totally agree with theniks and Theresa; your brand/company name should be treated like any other potential Keyword.  You should include it in your overall structure and strategy and test its performance against the same metrics you'd test any other Keyword.  This makes total sense since most companies have a number of "ordinary" words for which they rank highly in organic listings, this doesn't mean they don't make good - and valuable - Keywords.


This aside, you must also consider, as theniks has said, whether you have competitors bidding on your company name.  If you do (and most companies do) then by excluding your company name from AdWords results you've made their life a lot easier, probably reduced their CPC and generally handed them sales on a plate that by rights should have been yours.


Finally I'd just add that the thinking that clicks on Ads when organic listings appear on the same page are "wasted" is not supported by experimentation.  Simply put, while you may think that if you get 200 clicks a day when both your organic and paid listings are shown at the same time, you could stop the paid listings and still get 200 "free" clicks, this is not actually the case.  The percentages vary according to the average position of the organic listings but for a listing in the top 3 positions the effective number of clicks is about 120, not 200 (if memory serves).  In other words if you stop paid advertising you do not recover all these clicks in free organic clicks.



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