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editing the qs of a destination URL without reset the statistics

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My sales manager like to track our conversion better.

so I need to add to the query string of my Ads's destination URL the {keyword} parameter.

is there any way of doing it without reset the statistics on our existing ads?


Regards, Ofir

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Re: editing the qs of a destination URL without reset the statistics

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HI Affiliate E,




When you make some changes in your ad copies than the previous one will be deleted and new ad/Edited ad will go under review. So instead of editing the existing one i will suggest to create new similar ads with your new destination url.


Once your new ad will approve then you can pause the old one,if you want.

Re: editing the qs of a destination URL without reset the statistics

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Hi Affiliate,


I didn’t understand how you can add the keyword parameter at the ad text level if you are using the static ads and not using "Keyword insertion".


If you are using the "Keyword insertion", you need to do what Shuva says.


If you edit the destination Url of the ad, then statistics will be reset.


For static ad copies-

You can add the destination URLs to the keywords.


Please see below screen shots below to change the keyword destination url-






Check “Using keyword destination URL” section on help page -


It will not reset the statistics.



Hope this helps!




Re: editing the qs of a destination URL without reset the statistics

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Hello guys,

thank you very much for your detailed answers Smiley Happy


Hello Shuva, unfortunately we have a hundreds if not thousands of ads. I can copy all of it through the adwords editor and add the keywords but than my sale manger will have to manage the 2 groups.



Hello SJ, we're using static ads. our Ad Groups contains lots of ads and keywords. let's say for example we have ad Group 1 with 10 ads and 5 keywords. so the current algorithm goes like this:  each of the 5 keywords can trigger each of the 10 ads(why are you guys keeps calling it ad copies?). and each ad has it own URL so it will change the logic of the algorithm if I'll give each keyword a unique URL.


p.s. I can understand why Google insist of creating new ad when changing the URL itself. but only query string, real bummer...

Re: editing the qs of a destination URL without reset the statistics

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A few thoughts for consideration.


#1 While I would certainly test different landing pages (Destination URLs) in an Ad Group, to figure out which one produced the most conversions for those keywords, I would not continue to use different landing pages as a long-term strategy. I would analyze by keyword to see where the best performance occurred and group keywords together--the ones that converted best with D-URL 1 in one Ad Group and the ones that converted best with D-URL 2 in another Ad Group, etc.


Or, as SJ suggested, use keyword-level Destination URLs so that each keyword defaults to the landing page where it converts best. That does have the advantage of not overwriting your existing ads, if that's what matters to you.


#2 - It's usually very difficult to identify the "best-performing ad" in an Ad Group when you have more than five ads active. Best Practices suggests that rotating 3-5 ad variations at once provides the best performance.


Regardless of what choice you make, the "logic of the algorithm" is not, in my opinion, an important consideration although you may be doing or measuring something internally that makes it more important to you.

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Re: editing the qs of a destination URL without reset the statistics

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Hi Affiliate E,


You don't lose your stats. The stats are not reset. The edited ad is deleted and replaced by the new ad, but the performance of the old ad is always available. When you change the query string value, Google must assume you are linking to a different page. That's the reason for this, so the data after the changes does not corrupt the data from before the changes. It may have something to do with the quality of the landing page.


Best of Luck!




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