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destination experiment

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Hi,Recently I run a campaign test on different destination URLs,i set an adgroup experiment,the change contains 2 adgroup which contain 6 keywords,but when i view the experiment segment in adgroup level,i found every adgroup in that campaign had result about experiment,i don't know why this happen?

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Re: destination experiment

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Hi Friends,

yumeng w has question on campaign experiment. Can someone help please?

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Re: destination experiment

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Good morning, yumeng w


I'd like to try & help but I don't quite understand your question.


It sounds as though you set up an ACE (AdWords Campaign Experiment) to test the performance of different ad destination URLs.  When you view the Experiment data, you are seeing it displayed across all Ad Groups, when you expected the Experiment to be applied to only two Ad Groups?


Are you certain that when you set up the Experiment, you opted all other Ad Groups except those two out of the Experiment (by selecting the Control Only option in the Status column)?


Even if you did do this, all of the Ad Groups in the relevant campaign were "part of" the Experiment. It's just that some would only have had Control data while others would have had both Control and Experiment data.

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Re: destination experiment

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Hi, Theresa_Zook, First Thank you for your answers! Yes, I mean what you said is exact the question i asked. I set up an ACE to test the performance of different ad destination URLs and I'm sure that when I set up the Experiment, I only chose two adgroups, one as Experiment only and the other as  Control Only. But when I view the Experiment data i found  it displayed across all Ad Groups, While,I Thought the Experiment would only be applied to the only two Ad Groups that i chose.

You said:"all of the Ad Groups in the relevant campaign were "part of" the Experiment",Is that mean even all the Adgroups display experiment results, my experiment won't be influenced?

Expect your answer and thank you !