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designing remarketing campaigns for different languages

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Hi guys


What would be the best strategy to creat remarketing campaigns if we have our ads in 7 different languages? Should we run 7 different remarketing campaigns or we can cover them all under the roof of oly one campaign? I'm looking for the best practices and would appreciate your ideas.


Re: designing remarketing campaigns for different languages

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I hope that besides remarketing in the Display Network you also want to use remarketing in search or RLSA described here : link


The best practice is to use the AdWords editor and Excel to create as many campaigns and ad groups as possible. Campaigns allow for separation of targeting by location. language and for separate budgeting.


So besides the fact that each language should be in it's own campaign, you should also target by main countries, because cost per click varies a lot per country and if you keep all locations under the same campaign you will only see an average cost per click.


If in Canada in english you have an avg. cpc. of  0.5 $ and in the US an avg. cpc. of 2$ for the same keyword wouldn't you like to see that to bid differently ? If both countries are in the same campaign you only see an average of 2+0.5 /2 = 1.25 $ and your Max CPC could be too high for canada or too low for the US. Only bid adjustments are not always enough to control spending to the limit of profitability.