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most of my keepwords show below average for landing page i have tried to read up on it but still confused how to resolve this issue my landing is page the home page on my site it is easy to navigate since i run a limo & taxi service the page is clear about the services i provide & the airport prices can someone help me to solve this issue pls it's costing me fortunate cuz my quality  score is effected by landing page, Also i encountered a problem latley wh add relevance for certain keywords below avergae can someone help me Thank You So Much 

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Re: confused

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HI Fundy787,


Do you have any keywords that are showing no problems with landing page quality/experience?  Any chance you can share your website and some of the keywords your are concerned about?  We can try to take a look and make some suggestions if you'd like. 


In case you would like to explore Landing Pages a little further, here is one resource for you.



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: confused

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Hi fundy787,


Tom is correct!


Without specific information of what keywords or destination URL are being used in your account, it would be little unsure to give the exact explanation.


But as you mentioned that speech bubble says below average for your landing page, then there might be a possibility that it requires certain changes so that the overall quality is improved as per Adwords' standards. In addition to Tom's useful reference, you might consider looking at the Webmaster's guidelines  for an effective website design and technical as well as quality guidelines.


Hope that helps!



Re: confused

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In addition to the great answers aleady posted, let me say that using a website's "home page" as the landing page for your ad traffic isn't necessarily considered the best approach.


If your keywords are organized--as I'm sure they are--into thematic Ad Groups with, for example, searches for "limo service" in Ad Groups separate from those for "taxi service" then your website should have pages for each of those categories and the ads in each Ad Group should use the appropriate page for a landing page.


This should not only improve that quality issue you're dealing with but also improve your conversion (booking) rate. Driving your search traffic to the most specifically appropriate page on your site usually encourages people to stay on your site and do business with you because you're making it easy for them.


(In addition, if your campaign is costing you "a fortune" and you're not getting the return you need from it, I would suggest that you avoid Broad match keywords and mine your search queries for negative keywords to add to your campaign.)


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