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broad match modifier with phrase match?

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Can I do something like this?


+"Jon Smith" +CA


Where it will trigger anytime both "Jon Smith" and CA appears in a search.  Such as:


Jon Smith Cypress CA 1985 class

San Jose CA Jon Smith Birth Records


But will not trigger unless both CA and "Jon Smith" appear?

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Re: broad match modifier with phrase match?

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Hi Mike,

You cannot combine two different match types within a single Keyword. The only exception to this - depending
upon your point of view - is where you have a Keyword like:
+Jon Smith

But then I might still argue this is actually a single modified-broad Keyword, rather than a combination of
modified broad and simple broad.

What type of match are you trying to achieve with +Jon "Smith"?

Perhaps the question should be - What would you want Google to match to
+Jon "Smith"

It would have to include both green and carpets - so in effect it is the same as
+Jon +Smith but not the same as "Jon Smith"

It all depends upon what the client is trying to achieve in terms of keyword inclusion and exclusion -
there are going to be more elegant ways than trying to combine two match types which can only serve to confuse things


Re: broad match modifier with phrase match?

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I'm not sure how else I would be able to achieve this goal.

The client is public records site where people will be searching a name like "John H Smith" but also throw in the state they are looking for.

It's very important to match the name they are looking for exactly with either phrase or exact match. "Jon James Smith" is a different person than "Jon Smith James"

Right now all do is a phrase match for "Jon Smith James" but we have many names that are any multiple states and we can see users are often including the state somewhere in the search.

It would be much better to show these users for the person they are looking for but I cannot think of a way to do it.

The searches we need to match for are anything that contains the full name "full name" whatever that is along with the state mentioned anywhere else in query.

Any suggestions anyone?

Re: broad match modifier with phrase match?

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Hello Mike,

As far as i understand this, you can try with the profession + name like "CA John H Smith" or +CA +John H +Smith.

Re: broad match modifier with phrase match?

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Top Contributor
Hello, Mike.

From what I understand the best thing to do would be to automate the process like this:
- one ad group per name and location, with ads triggered by keywords such as "John H Smith CA", "CA John H Smith", "John Harry Smith CA", "CA John Harry Smith" and also California instead of CA. That should pretty much cover it, because I doubt someone would throw in the state in-between names and surname.
- DKI, with one ad group for all names and state combinations, same keywords and keyword-level URLs AND an adaptation of the client's website (where possible) to take URLs such as straight to the relevant record (ideally exactly the right page) or a set of N results, all matching John H Smiths in California, so that the client can pick the right one or browse through all of them.

Extra precaution: negative exact matches for names alone, such as [john h smith], [john harry smith].

Either way, you're in for quite a bit of work, hence good luck to you.
Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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Re: broad match modifier with phrase match?

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Thanks that was the solution we were thinking about if this cannot work. However we hadn't thought of negative matching the name to not mess with our current campaigns that's a great idea!

The issue is people search some crazy long tail stuff for this. I'm going to go through more reports tomorrow but the state can be all over in the search query sometimes which is what really messes things up.

We've already accepted we'll have to an ad group for each Name/State with a unique ad for it because the auto keyword insertion just doesn't work quite right for this.

What we'll probably do is set it up that way and see how much coverage this gives us or if we still miss a decent portion of searches with the state somewhere else.