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bid adjustments

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does anyone knows how to raise bids for top content on the media and youtube networks?



bid adjustments

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Hello @Tomer N,

The "Bidding" menu where you can choose to set custom or default bids, as well as bid adjustments, for your ad group is available only to these campaign types:

  • "Display Network only"
  • "Search Network with Display Select - All features"
  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. Select the campaign and ad group you'd like to edit.
  4. Click the Display Network tab. If you don't see this tab, check what campaign type you've selected when you created your campaign.
  5. Click the tab of the targeting method you'd like to set bids on. For example, click the Topics tab to set a bid on topics.
  6. If you've already added topics to your ad group, follow the next step. Otherwise, click the + Targeting button, add your targeting, and save.
  7. Once you're on the tab of the targeting method you want to set bids on -- in this case, the Topics tab --, click the "Bidding" menu above the statistics table to see the options available for your ad group.
  8. Select a bid option for your Display Network ad group:
    • Enable custom bids: Choose this option if you'd like AdWords to always use the topic bid for this ad group. Then, set a max CPC or max viewable CPM bid in the column.
    • Use default bids: Choose this option if you'd like the targeting method to inherit your ad group bid. You can't make any changes in the table after you've selected this bid.
    • Enable bid adjustments: Choose this option if you'd like to increase or decrease your chances of showing your ads for certain topics, for example. Note: Top content bid adjustments cannot be made through this option.
    • Enable custom URLs: Choose this option if you'd like to use a different landing page URL on your ads for certain topics, for example. Note: This option is only available for campaigns using automated bidding methods such as Conversion Optimizer.
  9. To add a bid adjustment, select the Enable bid adjustments option from the menu, and in the "Bid adj." column, specify the percent by which you'd like to increase or decrease your bid.

  10. Click the cell in the column of the rows you want to edit. If you've enabled custom bids, click the "Max. CPC" column and type your bid. For bid adjustments, click the “Bid adj” column. Enter your adjustment in the window and click Save. For custom URLs, click the "Dest. URL" column and enter the landing page URL and click Save.


Syed Sayem Mustafa