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automated ROAS setting all cpc so low 0,00 and 0,01 and 0,02 . why and how ?

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i hope anyone could help me solve a issue i have.

i have this adwords shopping account that was averaging around 500 clicks with a 0.10 to 0,12 cpc on manual settings. 

now i had setup conversion tracking about a month ago. i did change some things so it was off/removed for 10/20 days now its back on. 

i think i have set it up the right way now. i see a conversion value comming in now and that matches the sales amount i have 

i think this is now correct ? (please correct me if i need to check it another way) also tag manager recouldnises the tag 

i have set it up as a on purchase / customs value / and added it to the thank you page 

the last time i implemented this code it was on all pages so i got conversion rates above 100% 


i wanted to give u this back story because now i have setup ROAS on 500% yesterday and i saw my CPC drop almost instandly to 0,06 and 0,02 and some are even 0,00 

so i was thinking and searching on google and found maby the ROAS is to high so i now set it up to 300% and it keeps dropping.


so what am i missing here ? does it just need time to find balance ? or what should i check/do ?



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automated ROAS setting all cpc so low 0,00 and 0,01 and 0,02 . why and how ?

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Hi @Pim B sorry for the delay in replying, are you still having problems?  I would always advise that any Campaign be allowed to run for at least a month and gather a good history of conversions before applying an automated bidding strategy.  Google recommends that a Campaign should have at least 15 conversions per 30 day period, but personally I'd suggest you need at least double that, and preferably a lot more.

When setting a Target ROAS strategy, you should ideally start with what your current ROAS is (hence the need to run the Campaign for some time before using a bidding strategy). So, if your current ROAS is 350%, you should set the Target ROAS to 350%.  Once the strategy has passed the learning period (usually a week or so) you may be able to adjust this figure upwards, maybe first to 400%, then 450% and so on.

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automated ROAS setting all cpc so low 0,00 and 0,01 and 0,02 . why and how ?

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You can also edit the bid strategy in the Shared Library and set a minimum bid limit, but that might make the learning period longer. See the bottom of this article under "Settings".

Re: automated ROAS setting all cpc so low 0,00 and 0,01 and 0,02 . why and how ?

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@Jon_Gritton Thanks for the reply 

the issue is that i think i still am having a to low result. let me try to explain what my issue is. 

when i do manual bidding. 0,15cents per click i get around 50.000 search volume and around 5-10 sales per day the total cost is around 20-50 euro .

when i run the numbers that somedays it will give me a negative cashflow becaus the adwords cost that day where to high for the profit. 

but on other days it will give me a good posive cash flow 100 euro or up in profit per day on this shop. 


now when i swiched to ROAS 1+ week ago i noticed that my adwords cost where dropping a lot ! 
Schermafbeelding 2017-06-03 om 18.15.52.png

soo as u can see above i picked some date before ROAS 22th and below and up to 27th of last month . 
you can see that adwords cost droped and sales are also a little bit down not much but still a little bit. 

when a couple of days i changed to ECPC the cost where even more creazy it got back to 30-60 euro again and no more extra sales 

so as far as i can see target ROAS does the trick for me. 
Schermafbeelding 2017-06-03 om 18.20.09.png


Now here u can see my current setup but it now ranks as 1053% ROAS is that correct ? 

if so i understand that this is high and i guess that this is good then. 

but still i feel like i should be able to get more sales but the ads are just not showing to people. 


so my feeling is there are  3 things happening here. 

1. google is not showing my adds to the everyone (my gut feeling plus i still)

2. google is saving my [censored] by not promoting the products that doe not get anof results 
3. The conversion setup = not optimized yet or not setup correctly or to little data 


while some ads are now have 10-45 cents per click there is still 60% that have a 0cent amount +no views or clicks witch of course is obvious 

so i still think there is an error there. 


i hope some one could help me shed some light on this issue. maby a min bid like was proposed ? but i read somewhere that this is not a good solution for ROAS because it restricts it somehow. 


Best regards Pim