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I am new for adword account, I want help,

please help me for efective add.


Anil Kahale



email :

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Hi kahaleanil,


In order for this Community users to help you, you need to be more specific what do you need help with. Can you post back and explain in more details what you'd like them to help you with?



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September 2015

Re: add words

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Hi. An effective ad has a least three components:


An eye catching headline, benefits and a call to action.


Headline: This is what the user is going to see and what is most likely to infuence his decision. Your headline has to be something of interest/something that is eye catching for your users.


Benefits: Your ad should have some or the other benefit right at the beginning(headline or first line)


And lastly, you may want to end with a call to action, such as try now, etc etc



There are some best practices that you should follow: keywords inside an adgroup should be highly similar, and tightly knit together. This is because ads are at an adgroup level, and the ads have to be highly relevant to the keywords.


Another way of ensuring your ad headline is relevant is to use dynamic keyword insertion(for more details see:


Here's a sample ad for the keyword "flowers in mumbai"


Headline: Flowers in Mumbai                                         <------relevant to keyword(you can also use Dyn. Key. Ins.)

Description Line 1: Affordable Flowers Delivered@Home.  <------------Benefit for the user

Description Line 2: Large Variety. See Our Reviews!         <------------Benefit/ Call to action.


Once the ads are written, be sure to add sitelink/social/location/phone extensions to your ads.

For details, see:


Lastly, "always be testing" new ads.