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ad relevance and

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Ok google explain this.

I have an add, it has the words "Attwood Bilge Pump" listed twice in the ad text, yet ad relevance for keyword of the same name is below average and QS is  only 3?



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Re: ad relevance and

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Hi gregc,


I had similar questian regarding  QS.  let me paste some good advice given by NehaGupta. hope this will help.  



Quality Score, which means that you should focus on improving the relevance of your keyword, ad, and landing page

Understanding landing page experience

Two Formulas which I would want you to take a look at:


AdRank = Max. CPC x Quality Score

AdRank is measured by multiplying the maximum cost per click bid that the advertiser is willing to pay by the Quality Score of that advertisers keyword. Ad position is then calculated by the advertiser’s AdRank. According to that advertisers ad will be positioned on highest or lowest position in Google search and content networks.


Actual CPC = (AdRank to hit /Quality Score of Advertiser) + $.01
An advertiser’s actual CPC is measured by dividing the AdRank to hit (the AdRank of the competitor below them) by their own Quality Score plus $.01. The least positioned ad will be the minimum price recommended by Google to display on the Adwords page.


Better CTR les you to Imporved quality score and thus less cost per click.

Some more Recommended Readings:

To find out the reason of having low quality score, house over mouse to speech bubble next to keyword status see what Keyword Diagnosis says.

Ingredients of the Quality Score sauce

Recipe to making the perfect Quality Score Sauce

What To Do With Keyword Quality Scores

Re: ad relevance and

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Thanks Dean, I am reading the articles you linked and had found them on another thread...


In all fairness tho, adwords is not supposed to be based solely on bids, but no matter how you look at it, it is.


I can take a keyword with a WS of 3, boost the bid on the keyword to a stupid amount and watch the QS and almost everything else improve, and then the add will show.


I'm not so concerned at the moment of being on the first page, but being on any page under 5 without going broke seems likely to not happen with Adwords. Yet this system is not about $$ lol..Yea I laugh at that statement.


That in a nutshell says that this entire system is about how much money the little guy can lose to get those good scores, regardless of how good the ad, text landing page and so on is.


I have ads, keywords, landing pages that are almost identical, but without paying a crazy amount of $$ for a bid, nothing ever goes any higher than it is and rarely if ever gets shown.


Maybe I am just missing something here, but no matter what I change, it rarely affects my adwords.



Re: ad relevance and

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Hi gregc,

I don’t know how experienced you are with adwords, but I’m a newcomer to it. Based on my experience  QS  isnt purely based on the bids. If that’s the case we wud only see big corporations on the top list, who wud just spend crazy amounts for each keywords.  Certainly no small companies or individuals like me, (my daily budget  is £10) wud ever get any returns from it.. so based on my own experience, Its not entirely based the amount of money spend on each keywords.


Have you tried to changing your keywords to modified broad, or phrase, or even exact match?  Cose I had similar pbm as well. But seen a big improvement after playing around with the keyword type. 

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Re: CTR vs. bid

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Hello gregc and dean;

Do not confuse "bid" with CTR (click through-rate). QS is based mostly on CTR, not on bids. (Ad Rank is based on both: bid multiplied by QS)

A new article with FAQs for newbies, was just published today, by two of our Top Contributors. It will answer your questions:

There are many more good articles you would find very helpful in the wiki section of the Community (upper navigation bar).





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