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ad extensions limits - PLA

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Anyone knows the maximum amount of product target (related to PLA) you can have per account and/or per campaign and if a product target falls under google's categorisatoin of ad extention reference?... Here is what I mean:


Google's account limit info: 

  • 100,000 active ad extensions per account (1)
  • 1.3 million references to ad extensions per account (2)

say I have 10 campaigns ; each campaign has the same filtered product ad extension setup which is linked to the same merchant center account. So referring to (1), I should understand it as having 10 ad extensions... right?


Now, say I have 200 Ad groups in each campaign; and each Ad group has its own unique auto targeted product target setting (each adgroup has a unique combination of AdWords_labels, AdWords_grouping, condition, brand, etc.). Referring to (2), is it correct to calculate it as 10*200=2,000 references to ad extensions?


...and therefore, is it correct to say that if i'd have 6,500 campaigns each setup with the same filtered product ad extension and each campaign would have 200 adgroup; each with its own unique "auto targeted" product target setting, i would still just be in the acocunt limit (6,500*200=1,300,000)...


can someone tell me if this reasoning is correct ?

I have to upload a few thousand PLAs but don't want to get it wrong Smiley Happy



Re: ad extensions limits - PLA

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