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about Auction.

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Could some one tell me how this auction go on? 

 Only 2 Positiosn (1 page)

Person A= $1 per click. Total Budget= $10
Person B= $2 per click. Total Budget= $10
Person C= $3 per click. Total Budget= $10
Person D= $4 per click. Total Budget= $10, 

 Tell me what happens to Person A, B, C and D for Round #1, #2, #3, #4, #5.


My answer: The system based on the cost per click put  them into order. in round 1 (D C B A)

                   then calculate how much money the D have to pay to make it position higher than C. in round 2

                   and the Person C do the same thing.  everyone do it again until the last bidder pay the money.                        .  


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Re: about Auction.

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I'm not sure I entirely understand your question.


What kind of search results page has only 2 ad places on it? Is this a Display network example, instead of search?


This sounds more like an exam question than a real-life AdWords situation. Smiley Happy

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Re: about Auction.

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>< it is a exam question actually, only on search networks.
One of my friends gave me this question but I don't understand how it works><
The question is if that page only have two two position , what happened to these four people
ads? how the auction work ? ( hope you can help me fix this question , this is the second time you help me >< , thanks)

Re: about Auction.

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It is against terms of this forum to discuss exam questions.

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