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YouTube Run-of-Site

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While studying here

I found few terms which I can not understand. Please help me understand it

  1. YouTube Run-of-Site : Where is this placement on you tube. 
  2. Search pages : Is the the search query result pages on you tube? if yes then where is reservation ads banner? I can see only adwords standard banner for youtube.

If possible then give linke/screenshot of images to make me better understand.




Re: YouTube Run-of-Site

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The presentation starts with "Most larger advertisers and agencies choose to buy placements on YouTube on a reservation basis, using either cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) or cost-per-day (CPD) bidding."


This makes me think that this targeting is not available as standard but only through an account manager and only if the media plan allows large expenses.


For the "in search" there is this link presenting true-view on the third column with a sample picture :



There is also an example of "in search" here :



Re: YouTube Run-of-Site

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Thanks Adrian for your response. But I am still not clear about "YouTube Run-of-Site" placement term.
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September 2015

Re: YouTube Run-of-Site

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The following explanation is just my opinion, I cannot provide an official adwords link to this :


Run of site is a marketing term as oposed to Run of network which means an ad placed everywhere on a network ( like automatic placements) Run of site means "an ad on the webiste" , a regular Ad without targeting, usually in a CPM campaign. Usually it costs less because it is bought in bulk, for example an agency can say "I want to buy 300 milion impressions for this banner on youtube, and google gives them a customised price.


The term with a print-screen is used here on the page 8 but it is written ROS instead of run of site :