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Would my keyword compete with each other?

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Would my keyword compete with each other if i use all match types in same adgroup? For instance,


let say my keyword is lemon pasta so i use broad, phrase and exact match of the same keyword in one adgroup so should they compete with each other or not? Please explain it briefly?


[Note: As i also know that i make separate adgroups with all match types and use other match types as negative across the adgroup but i only want to know what happen when we add all in same adgroup, shouldn't they compete with each other?]

Re: Would my keyword compete with each other?

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HI Monikaji,


Welcome to the community.


I will suggest you to go through the following link.You will get your answer.

  How similar keywords match to search terms.


Hope it helps,



Re: Would my keyword compete with each other?

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In addition to what Shuva has suggested, I would suggest you should read petebardo's answer in this thread. It will give you clarity in this matter. Although the thread is about a question which is a bit diffrent from yours but the logic of mini auction still applies. 

Hope this helps



Regards, Nik
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