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Will Automated Rules Bid Adjustment work with Auto Bid

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I want to try automated rules bid adjustment with auto bid. I want to know whether will it work. Also if it will not work then will bid adjustment based on location work with auto bid?



Re: Will Automated Rules Bid Adjustment work with Auto Bid

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Hi Siva,


I'm not sure about using atomated rules with auto bidding but I'm 99% sure this wouldn't work as you don't set bids at keyword level using this option. As the rules need requirements to run, what kind of rule would you be trying to set up?


Location bid adjustments on the auto bidding option will work though.


If you have enhanced campaigns that are using automatic bidding, you can set bid adjustments that increase or decrease your bids when your ad is competing to appear on mobile devices and in specific locations. Bid adjustments can give you more control over when and where your ad appears.