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Why use the Display Network?

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The Google Display Network is the #1 global display ad network, reaching over 90% of internet users worldwide, with more than a trillion impressions served to over 1 billion users every month. An array of flexible ad formats allow you to engage with potential customers wherever they may be. And our powerful combination of placement, contextual and audience targeting helps you find, reach and connect with your audience. Read more about the Display Network here.





Let's look at some of the ways that using the Display Network might help you reach new users!


Reach new customers: Capture someone's attention at different points in the buying cycle. For example, if you run an art supply store, you can catch a mom's eye when she's reading reviews about the best brands of washable paints, but before she puts her toddler in the car seat and heads out to buy.


Select where your ads appear: Within the Display Network, you can choose more specifically where you want your ads to appear -- you can select types of pages or specific websites for your ads, as well as audiences to show your ads to.


Engage users with appealing ad formats: Text, image, video, or rich media formats can appear on the Display Network.

Getting the most out of a Display Network campaign, is all about how and where you want your ads to appear, and then choosing the targeting method that aligns with your goals. You can choose to target your ads to users based on the following targeting methods, and you can choose to use one, or a combination of these:

  • Keywords are one way you can get your ads to show on the Display Network. When you choose keywords, your ads may show on Display Network sites with content that matches those keywords, and, in some cases, based on a person’s recent browsing activity. Read more about Keywords hereIf you chose keywords such as “wedding ideas”, or “wedding venues” your ads can show on Display Network sites that match “wedding ideas” or “wedding venues”.
  • Placements are individual sites and videos where you want your ads to show because you know your audience visits them or they fit your advertising goals. When you choose placements, your ads can show on those specific sites and videos.
  • Topic targeting allows your ads to be eligible to appear on any pages on the Display Network that have content related to your selected topics. As content across the web changes over time, the pages on which your ads appear can change with it. To display your ads on those pages, simply select one or more topics that you find relevant for your ads. Read more about Topic targeting here.
  • Demographic targeting allows you to reach customers who’re likely to be within the demographic groups that you choose. For example, if your business caters to a specific set of customers within a particular age range, gender, or parental status, you can show your ads to customers according to their gender, age group, or parental status, as explained here.
  • Interest and Remarketing targeting gives you the ability to show your ads online to people with specific interests can help you reach the right customers. You can do this in AdWords by adding audiences to your ad groups.


Ready to get started? Click on this link to find the Campaign type thats right for you! 


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Re: Why use the Display Network?

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Just to add to the excellent communication by Kathleen G, there are also a number of added advantages of using the Display Network to complement search. I will add 3 factors why I believe the GDN is an attractive network to drive campaign performance.

1) With search, you still rely somewhat on the potential visitor entering a specific search query related to your product or service. This does mean search can often be used at an advanced stage of the decision making cycle. Where display is particularly powerful, is for driving awareness and interest of a product or service. For example, up and coming to Christmas a display campaign can be a great method to drive initial awareness and interest of your product, and depending on the sector, may be a cheaper way to build initial awareness than search. I know a company who were using display network to build awareness of Christmas Package Events in a fun visual way. Backed up by a tight search campaign this worked exceptionally well and proved an effective way of communicating their offer and driving traffic to their site.

2) Scalability – the GDN is an excellent way to scale up. The ability to access a staggering volume offers shrewd advertisers the ability to tap into this networks full potential. If you want to get a particular awareness campaign via a burst activity, GDN offers practically unrivaled scalability at an often extremely affordable trading terms compared to other media with this impression power.

3) Ad formats. There are some excellent ad format variations to get the message across to your potential customers. Often, I have seen CTR’s for visual creative far out perform text ads and offer additional branding power. Video presents some fantastic opportunities to really sell your product and service and deliver key messages to aid any search campaign.

There are many more reasons to try GDN.

Hope my experiences help

James Edward

Re: Why use the Display Network?

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Thanks James, v helpful summary of the top 3 advantages - as a PPC agency it is useful to "reset" to the main points that need to be communicated to those who might not be clear what the differences are with Display Network vs Search in AdWords.